The Power of Story in Business

The Power of Story in Business

Story, it’s power is limitless, it’s passed on from generation to generation traveling through time like a beacon through space. It holds all of mans secrets, hopes and dreams. It’s created unbelievable joy and heart wrenching sadness. The power of story, is unlimited.

When a person connects with a story, not just hears it, but connects with it, something remarkable happens. The story fuses itself into that persons very being, the story and the person become one. When a company is able to tell their story, to share their reason why with someone, that companies beliefs and reason for being fuse into the life-blood of their customers. This is true not only in business but in every aspect of life.

Simon Sinek in his book, “Start with Why”, uses Apple, Inc. as his example. People aren’t loyal to Apple because they make great computers or a great phone. Their loyal to Apple because at their core they’ve fused themselves with Apple’s belief, to “challenge the status quo”, “be a rebel”, “to empower the creator”. They’ve established their why and created stories around that why connecting to the hearts of people.

Saga Studios believes that using the power of story to show people why your company exists is the best way to gain brand loyalty and to separate yourself from the competition. Explainer videos that detail a products benefits and differences from that of your competitors are also needed, but should not be the starting point. In the words of Simon Sinek, “start with why”.

Saga Studios works with brands to craft a visual story to promote their business, engage new customers and consumers, and create brand loyalty. By doing this your company can thrive, building lasting relationships and not be the next flash-in-the-pan sensation. Story is a powerful tool, one that if used correctly, can not only increase your business but can change the world.

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